Our Vision

"We perform research and development in drivetrain design together with our customer to shape the next generation of sustainable drivetrains to protect the environment and satisfy the needs of the end user."




  • We optimise the drivetrain for our customer applying high quality design
  • We go beyond the state of the art
  • We believe in shaping the future of drivetrains for a better environment and satisfaction of the end user

Product portfolio


Our main focus is research & development of new zero-, or low-emission drivetrains for aviation.


We see a similarity in land based mobility drivetrain application. Vehicles driven by electric engines can use gearboxes and high speed engines to become more efficient and lighter. ADT engineering develops gearboxes for land based electric drivetrains for cars and trucks with special attention on noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) as well as efficiency and lightweight design. 


ADT uses its engineering capabilities for small vehicles too. We develop drivetrains for e-bikes, cargo-e-bikes and similar vehicles. Together with our partners we are able to perform the development of the complete system - beginning at the energy storage via the motor and gearbox up to the control logic and sensor technology. 


Our departments


  • Support with proposal writing
  • Dissemination and Exploitation of research results
  • Leading and coordinating national and international research projects


  • Design and calculation of gears
  • System engineering for drivetrains
  • Leading and managing projects




  • Basic and Advanced Kisssoft trainings
  • Selective trainings on the project
  • Workshops


The Team

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