• Gearbox Design
  • System engineering
  • Leading projects

Design and Calculation of Gears and Gearboxes

  • from initial sizing up to documentation for production.
  • optimization for light weight, low noise and high efficiency.
  • Definition of macro- and micro geometry based on shafts, bearings and housing situation.
  • Calculation of system damage progress, system efficiency and heat management.
  • We can find solutions to increase the lifetime or load capacity of a given transmission.

System engineering for drivetrains

  • We take responsibility for the complete drivetrain development.
  • Defining interfaces with partners and suppliers.
  • We perform technical supervising and commissioning.
  • ADT offers system optimization, which leads to lower overall mass and higher efficiency of the drivetrain.
  • We have experience and competence in multidisciplinary development and design.

Leading and managing projects

  • ADT has the capability and knowledge to lead or manage Your development project.
  • Starting with Your idea (TRL 1) up to the validation of the product in a prototype (TRL 6).
  • We can define the development process and project plan.
  • With our network of partners we can find the right supplier for Your project.

Your Benefits!

  • Get expertise of the whole team for the price of one person.
  • Get an optimized gearbox or drivetrain.
  • Have one partner in charge of the system development.
  • Use multidisciplinary development processes.
  • Get access to an R&D network.