New challenges are rising for the mobility sector based on the "Green Deal" of the European Commission.


New energy supply and storage systems, engines, drivetrains and propulsion systems are needed, to meet the emission goals and minimize the environmental impact.

Supporting the customer in proposal writing

  • ADT offers a team of researchers with extensive experience in writing succesfull proposals for national, trans-national and international research programs (Horizon Europe, FFG, LuFo, etc.).
  • Our team helps matching or adapting an idea to an existing research call.
  • We assist in finding the right research partners.
  • We support You in writing the proposal.

Dissemination and Exploitation of Project results

  • Writing plans for dissemination, exploitation and communication (DEC).
  • Carrying out the necessary tasks during the project lifetime.
  • We represent You and your project on industrial fairs and scientific congresses
  • We help increasing your contact with the target group and increase the visibility in the scientific community

Leading and coordination of national and international funded research projects

  • ADT offers to take the role of the project leader and coordinator.
  • We relieve You from administrative duties and allow you to focus on your scientific efforts.

Your benefits!

  • Get your research idea realised!
  • Get know-how.
  • Get the research administration done.
  • Be visible in the relevant communities.
  • Be involved in a research network.