• The team of ADT has high experience in gear and gearbox calculation with modern software.
  • Our tool of choice is KISSsoft®, a modular calculation program for the design, optimization and verification of machine elements according to international standards.
  • ADT offers basic and advanced training for the usage of KISSsoft®.

Basic and advanced trainings

  • Focus on the correct usage of the software and the validity of the calculated results.
  • Learn how to model drivetrains and how to calculate and design its components.
  • Basic training introduces you to the strength calculation.
  • The advanced trainings focus on heat and loss calculations as well as efficiency and damage calculations.

Selective trainings

  • Focused on the design and calculation process of the drivetrain and how the software can support the process
  • Enables the participant to design the drivetrain in the right manner, e.g. usage of tolerances and their impact on the design.
  • Optimization of the drivetrain as well as dealing with conflicting optimization parameters


  • The topics of the workshops are individually aligned with your needs.
  • Presentations and lectures about a specific expert topic.
  • We offer a combination of trainings with our engineering services.

Support in software module selection

  • We can support you with the right software buying decision
  • We work to understand your demands and needs and select the best software option for you.

Your benefits

  • Get trainings from people with experience
  • Get solutions and know-how
  • Get what is needed